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"TriFury welcomes athletes of ALL abilities and believes that if you have the desire and motivation to train and compete (and a little fury or fire in the belly), you too can do a triathlon. Join TriFury and experience the camaraderie and goodwill as we develop and promote the sport of triathlon at all distances - from Sprint to Ironman®."  More About Trifury

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Bryan Lyons Tri the Tri 
Bryon Lyon and Paul Sedgwick
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We are always looking for members who would like to add content, be it pictures, stories, race reports, and news.  Please email for more info.
White Mountains Tri
Jeff Whitman at White Mountains Tri


The first selected race of the year is coming up on March 24th. The is a 5k and 10 miler. Let's start the season off strong with a big showing.   

Welcome back athletes to the 2024 racing season.  Please check the selected race menu for races that earn credits towards annual awards.  We currently have our dates set for both our Claire Cloutier Try the Tri and the Bryan Lyons Try the Tri series.  This year we renamed the Silver Lake Try the Tri to the Bryan Lyons Try the Tri to honor our long time friend and member. Weekly rides and swim groups will be starting before long.  Looking forward to an exciting year.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events